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Funny Peculiar

Constance McCullagh

memoir, Irish

While the world around her erupts in blood and violence, Constance McCullagh has her own battles to fight. Her father may be the town laughing stock but his temper has the whole family on edge. And Constance is in the firing line – from public put-downs to secret incest.

"A rare historic account of Protestant childhood life during the troubles, full of spirit, courage and humour. It is also an autobiography by a survivor of child abuse who makes clear she refuses to be defined or limited by that experience. Teenagers and adults can read this book knowing they are in the hands of a born narrator who they can trust with their feelings. There is nothing either gratuitous or sentimental in the writing.  The book and the author sing with a true Irish lilt and sparkle.  For those who remember Catcher in the Rye, here is the modern classic in the making.” Dr Valerie Sinason

“Constance is a real-life, whole, little human whose spirit is larger than the undeniably ugly acts of her so-called "father". Funny Peculiar is not for readers who want to wring their hands, and mutter "it's so sad," and do nothing at all about child abuse but bemoan it. It is a celebration, and a challenge for us to match her courage with our own.” Alice Vachss, author of Sex Crimes: Ten Years on the Front Lines Prosecuting Rapists and Confronting Their Collaborators


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