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Future Days

RB Kelly

Science fiction

17 authors imagine a future with thrilling tales, starships, unlikely heroes and exotic aliens all of which combine to make Future Days a must-read sci-fi fantasy short story collection.

Featuring USA TODAY bestselling author Christopher Nuttall. Amazon bestselling sci-fi authors Rick Partlow and PP Corcoran and award-winning author RB Kelly, alongside rising stars in the sci-fi fantasy genre.

The stories:

“The Good Citizen” by Aline Boucher Kaplan
Out of work? Need to pay the bills? Don’t worry the government is looking for a few good people to work in the colonies. And, oh yeah, its compulsory.

“Cell Effect” by Christopher Cousins
Saiden has abilities. Abilities the government wants to weaponize. Only one thing stands in their way, Ret Saiden.

“Greener Pastures” by Justin C. Fulton
When the line between a utopian virtual world and harsh reality become blurred, the choices we make can be fatal.

“Orbital Burn” by David M. Hoenig
Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Who would have thought convicted criminal Slade would be one of them?

“A Winter’s Day” by Edward Ahern
Ever-Young Cryogenics promise its clients a brief spell of life every decade. But, what happens when your family grow old and die, but you don’t?

“Colony” by Gunnar De Winter
In a hierarchical society decided by birth, instructions must be followed. Unless you are a radical and want to destroy the system.

“The Pink Shar-Ship Switcher” by James Worrad
Jada is a businesswoman intent on climbing the corporate ladder by sealing a lucrative deal. That is, until a Being from another reality intervenes.

“Custodian” by Johnny Pez
Only a special kind of person volunteers to stay awake during the long voyages between the stars while the rest of the crew sleeps. But what happens when he gets lonely?

“The Caller” by Lisa Timpf
A job she hates on a world with too many problems. But what if she can escape to a new world and start again? Can she leave everything she knows, and loves, behind?

“The Trickle-Down Effect” by Mark Lynch
Denton, a man who would do what needed to be done to survive in the ‘Pit’. The lowest, dirtiest, crime ridden part of a mega city forgotten by the ‘One Percenters’ living in their luxurious towers.

“Jericho” by Matthew William
A new world. Ripe for colonization. Pre-prepared by nanite Seedlings for the arrival of their human designers. But what happens when the designers become your God?

“Ghosts” by award winning author RB Kelly.
The storms bring the Seekers. Machines with one purpose, to bring death. Only sometimes death is not quite death.

“Mother” by Amazon #1 bestselling author Rick Partlow.
A mother’s love is the strongest of all. Protect and nurture your children to your dying breath. Even if that means genocide.

“The Cull” by Amazon #1 bestselling author PP Corcoran.
Humanity has reached its peak. Genetic manipulation makes humans faster, smarter and stronger. But at what cost?

“The Rescue” by Claire Davon.
An Alien shuttle is downed. Lt. ‘Dee’ Delaney must find it and secure the alien survivors until help arrives. Easy. If Delaney can trust her own people.

“The Man-Eater” by USA TODAY bestselling author Christopher G. Nuttall.
Three ships vanished testing the new faster than light engine. A desperate scientist
wants to prove his engine works. How? Why you steal it of course.

“Castrum” by JCH Rigby
Sergeant Joel Edwards is wakened seconds before being dropped into combat. A faceless enemy. A nameless place. All he knows, is a cyborg is ready for anything.

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