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Hilary McCollum

historical, lesbian, feminist, Irish

Winner of the Golden Crown Literary Society Award for Historical Fiction

“Fans of Sarah Waters will love the rich description and tight pace of Golddigger, but McCollum's carefully constructed 19th century world is the real gold of the book. Fantastic.” (She Magazine)

Everything that mattered to Frances Moriarty was left behind in famine-ravaged Ireland. Beset with grief and guilt, she is scraping out a shadowy existence as a New York shoeshine boy when word spreads: gold lines the riverbeds of California.Determined to find her fortune, Frances sets out on the overland trek to California’s gold fields. But her steps are haunted by a past she can’t outrun.

”a beautifully rendered tale of love, loss and hope... a magnificent re-imagining of lesbian love.”

(Libraries NI)

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