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The Birds That Never Flew

Margot McCuaig

Fiction, Literary Fiction

Battered and bruised, Elizabeth has taken her daughter and left her abusive husband Patrick. Again. In the bleak and impersonal Glasgow housing office Elizabeth meets the provocatively intriguing drug addict Sadie, who is desperate to get her own life back on track.

The two women forge a fierce and interdependent relationship as they try to rebuild their shattered lives, but despite their bold, and sometimes illegal attempts it seems impossible to escape from the abuse they have always known, and tragedy strikes.

More than a decade later Elizabeth has started to implement her perfect revenge - until a surreal Glaswegian Virgin Mary steps in with imperfect timing and a less than divine attitude to stick a spoke in the wheel of retribution.


'..dark, beautiful and moving, I wholeheartedly recommend.'


This book grabbed me from the beginning - it's a kind of female Trainspotting. Loved the religious imagery (surprised me how much). It's a really clever, tight story. Greatly enjoyed it.

- Sara Sheridan, bestselling novelist


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