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Women writers talk to women writers!

Our first podcast series "Tea and a Yarn" will be launched over the WANI Festival.

Here's a little promo...

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Tea and A Yarn  


Daily episodes uploaded throughout the Festival

6th March - 12th March around 10am(ish)

Episode 1 - 6th March: Vicky speaks to WANI Chair Hilary McCollum

Episode 2 - 7th March: Part two of Vicky's conversation with Hilary

Episode 3 - 8th March: Vicky speaks to poet Gaynor Kane

Episode 4 - 9th March: Part two of Vicky's conversation with Gaynor


Episode 5 - 10th March: On Rejection with Gaynor, Hilary and Vicky


Episode 6 - 11th March: Vicky speaks to writer Belinda Bennetts


Episode 7 - 12th March: Second part of Vicky's conversation with Belinda 

Listen to Belinda's Guided Meditation.

Tea and A Yarn is grateful for the support of our funders:

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